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Club Membership Benefits

Monthly Fitness Challenges with Digital Pins

Yearlong Mileage Challenges with Medals

A Supportive Motivation Community

Discounts on VRC & Vacation Races Events

Monthly Challenges with Digital Pins

Every month we issue a new fitness challenge. Complete the challenge and unlock digital pins for your collection.

Yearlong Challenges with Medal

Fulfill all the requirements for the yearlong challenge and you'll earn your very own medal representing all your hard work!

A Community of Peers to Cheer You On

You'll find the motivation to keep pushing forward when you get discouraged from our incredibly supportive community. Your very own cheerleading squad!

Discounts on VRC and Vacation Races Events

Get $10 off every VRC or Vacation Races event registration as long as your membership is active.

Live "Lunch & Learn" Sessions, Q&As, and Seminars

Whether its a nutrition seminar with a registered dietitian, a training program from a personal trainer, or live Q&A session with a mental health professional, we've got the resources you need to keep you progressing on your journey.

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