Yellowstone 150 Challenge


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Celebrate 150 Years of Yellowstone & National Parks!

Earn a commemorative Yellowstone coin for every 25 miles you report between now and March 2022. 

Celebrate Yellowstone’s 150th birthday by participating in the Yellowstone 150 Challenge. Yellowstone was the first national park, established in 1872, making this celebration greater than a Yellowstone celebration, but a celebration of 150 years of national parks!

Now through March 2022, log 150 miles and explore Yellowstone National Park by running, walking, hiking, or moving your way to landmarks within the park. With every 25 miles logged, you will earn a commemorative coin, each displaying a unique Yellowstone attraction.

All registrations come with the 6 commemorative coins that will be shipped to you as you complete each 25 mile milestone. You can also become a part of the Yellowstone Challenge private Facebook group, which will provide a supportive running community along the way. You will get all this for only $99.95, plus free shipping.

Get Started

  1. 1
    Register for the Challenge
    Note: Everyone you want to do the challenge with will need to register with their own email address. When you add a participant under your registration, their coins will be be mailed together at the start of the challenge. You can also opt to receive your coins in one shipment instead of individually on the checkout page.
  2. 2
    Join the Private Facebook Group
  3. 3
    Get Moving! Run/walk/hike/move your way to your first 25-mile coin.
  4. 4
    Report when you've completed your first 25 miles. See how below!
  5. 5
    Continue the Challenge! Start making your way to your next 25-mile coin.

Gear Up celebrate 150 years of Yellowstone! Each commemorative coin you'll earn represents a beloved park landmark.




Click "Register Now" to sign up for the challenge and select your swag! 

2.Install Spark

Install the Spark Challenges app for tracking your mileage (available in the App Store or Google Play).

3. Setup Your Account

  1. Enter your phone number used to register and the challenge will show up in the Spark Challenge overview screen. 
  2. Go to "Profile" in the top right and scroll down to "Sync with VRC account".
  3. Enter email used for race registration
  4. Return to "Challenge" screen in the top left corner. 

4.Log Your Mileage 

Let's get moving! Each day you complete miles towards your next milestone, enter them in the app. Once you have reached your milestone it will unlock the next! 

Event Specifics & FAQs

how do I report my mileage?

There are two ways to report your mileage:

Spark Challenges App

- Download our free Spark Challenges app for iPhone or Android.

- Sync it to your VRC account on the Profile screen.

- Add your mileage after each run/walk.

- When you have enough mileage for a milestone, mark it complete.


Web Form

The Spark Challenges app is the official way to track your progress in our challenges and report milestone completion.

If you're unable to use Spark you may use this alternate reporting form but it may cause a slight delay in processing your shipment.

First download our free Spark Challenges App. After you complete each milestone distance, you will need to mark the completion on the Spark App. Download the app here: Apple (iOS) • Google (Android). Once the app is downloaded, you'll need to sync your Spark & VRC accounts. You can from your app profile.


Web App

Click "Report My Time" in the menu on our site then follow the prompts.

How will I receive my coins?

As you reach each 25 milestone, we will send you each coin upon completion once you have reported your distance.  

Coins will ship about 1-2 weeks after reporting your milestone distance in the Spark App starting from July.  

When will i receive my swag?

Those who registered by September 15 will receive their shirt/bib orders by October. Shirts and bibs have since sold out for this event.


All swag ships separately. Shirts and coins ship with a tracking email from Bibs are sent in a white envelope with a first class stamp. Sometimes bibs are set aside as a bill or other mail.

Shirts and bibs will ship according to the timelines listed below. Coins will ship about 1-2 weeks after reporting your milestone distance in the Spark App starting from July 5.  

Recent Registration Deadline
Those who registered by September 15 will receive their shirt/bib orders by October 8. Shirts and bibs have since sold out for this event.

Old Registration Deadline
Those who registered by August 8 will receive their shirt/bib orders by August 31.

How Long Do I have to complete the Challenge?

The deadline to complete the challenge is December 31, 2022.

are there other yellowstone EVENTS?

Yes! We have a series of races themed around Yellowstone landmarks. For these races, you'll be able to select your distance: 5k, 10k, or half marathon. 

will a portion of my registration benefit a charity?

Yes! A portion of proceeds will benefit Wander Project.

Yellowstone Race Series

Interested in more Yellowstone events? Check out our Yellowstone Race Series!

This is a series of 7 races, featuring landmarks found within the Yellowstone Park. You pick your distance (5K, 10K, or half marathon), race date, and location! 

The series is going on now through March 2022. You can pick one race at a time, a la carte, or purchase a series pass to get all 7 at a discount!

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