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Player 1 » Can you create order out of chaos? Everyone’s favorite puzzle game is the next movement craze. As the Tetris™ master, you'll earn a new Tetrimino every week that you move 4 miles (run/walk/hike/etc.) to add to your personal Tetris Matrix. Stay consistent with consecutive weeks completing 4 miles of movement or it’s GAME OVER, in true Tetris style.

This 56 week challenge will keep you moving week after week, rain or shine and prove to you that anything is possible. Are you up for the challenge? We have two ways to play, you decide what will work best for you and get moving!

Ways to Play

1. DIY - Get Everything Up-front

  • What it is: In the DIY package, you’ll receive everything you need to complete your challenge right from the start, and will not need to report anything.
  • How to play: As you complete your weekly 4 miles, use the scratch-off card to reveal your Tetrimino. Find the sticker on your sticker sheet that matches the Tetrimino on your scratch-off card. Place the sticker on your Tetris Matrix poster.
  • What you get: Scratch-off card, 4 sticker sheets, Tetris Matrix poster, and your medal!

2. traditional GAmeplay - get a tetrimino in the mail

  • What it is: With traditional play you will report your miles each week in the Spark Challenge app to earn your Tetrimino, mailed to you once you’ve reported.
  • How to Play: Each week run/walk 4 miles and enter your completed miles in the Spark Challenge app. Once you’ve entered your mileage, we will send you a postcard with the Tetrimino sticker you earned. This will continue each week you are consistent with your movement. You must stay consistent to stay in the game. When the movement reporting stops, it’s Game Over. We know things happen so we’re giving you a two week grace period to enter your mileage before the game is over. 
  • What you get: Tetris Matrix poster, postcards with a Tetrimino sticker to be placed on your Matrix following weekly reporting, and your medal!

PLAYER merchandise




1.Register for the Challenge

Click "Register Now" to sign up for the challenge and select your race swag! 

2.Setup Spark

You'll use the Spark app to report your mileage. Install it for iPhone or Android and sign-in with the phone number you used to register for the Tetris™ Get Fit Game.

3.Log Mileage

Get moving! As you complete each milestone, select the challenge in Spark and submit your mileage. 

Event Specifics & FAQs

Registration Deadline

Registration will be open as supplies last and we will be taking pre-orders for the game from July 7 to July 31. When you register for the DIY-event, the game starts when your package arrives. 

When you register for the Spark-enabled live event, if you registered during the pre-order period, your game will start Monday, August 9. Your poster and first sticker(s) are anticipated to arrive around August 18. (Don't forget to report your weekly completion in the Spark App!) 

If you registered after the pre-order period, your game will start the next Monday after you register. Your poster will ship within about 1-2 weeks. (Even though you won't have a poster yet, don't forget to run/walk and report your weekly completion in the Spark App!)

Medals & Shipping

Players completing the DIY version will receive their medal after they've shipped to us from the manufacturer. The estimated date of medal shipment is late September regardless of when you register.

Players completing the live version will have the choice of receiving their medal after they've shipped from the manufacturer, at the time of completion of their game, or will receive it automatically after a GAME OVER.

Shirts & Bibs & SHIPPING

There is one shirt and one bib design that you can add on to your order. Shirts start at just $13 and bibs are only $6. 

There will be rolling registration dates that will determine when players receive their swag, see below for details. 

All shirts and bibs are printed specifically for each participant, so be sure to check out the size charts because we'll have none to exchange.

NOTE: Because of international product disruption, if the chosen shirt is no longer available, the next closest shirt color will automatically be substituted for you.

Registration Deadlines: Register by July 31 and your shirt and/or bib will arrive around August 21.

Register after July 31 and your shirt and/or bib will arrive around September 25.

How Shipping Works

All swag ships separately. Shirts and medals ship with a tracking email from support@virtualrunningclub.com. Bibs are sent first class with a stamp. Sometimes bibs are set aside as a bill or other mail. They are in a white envelope.

Stickers will ship as postcards. Sometimes USPS makes mistakes: If your sticker arrives damage (e.g. ripped, torn, or otherwise damaged beyond use), we are happy to provide a new sticker. If the sticker arrives with a slight smudge, we recommend gently wiping it to remove any marks. 

All items will ship according to the timelines listed for each items in this dropdown.


Report your weekly 4 mile completion on the Spark Challenges app. You MUST use the Spark Challenges app if you are going to do the accountability version:

Spark Challenges App

First download our free Spark Challenges App. After you complete each weekly distance, you will need to mark the completion on the Spark App. Download the app here: Apple (iOS) • Google (Android). Once the app is downloaded, you'll need to sync your Spark & VRC accounts. You can do this from your app profile.

If you have questions about using the Spark Challenges App, please reach out to our support team, they're happy to help. 

What is Game Over?

Playing the Tetris Get Fit Game is similar to playing it in an arcade, there can be a Game Over. This happens when you have not reported your weekly completion for 2 weeks in a row. 

When your game is over, you will be automatically sent your medal. 

Distance Information

While you're only required to run and report 4 miles to earn your Tetrimino, you should always feel free to be more ambitious! If you're on a win streak, keep it going. Just remember to report 4 miles every week. 

Shirt Size Charts

Everyday Shirt Sizes

Tech Shirt Sizes


50/50 Cotton/Poly

This is a "slippery" polyester shirt


Ladies / Tank / Mens

Tri-Blend Poly/Cotton/Rayon (50/25/25)

Ladies / Mens
This is a "soft" polyester/spandex (95/5) shirt. It feels like cotton, but still wicks

(To choose select "Men" then S, M, or L)
50/50 cotton/poly

Tetris™ & © 1985-2021 Tetris Holding.

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