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Great National Park

On Oct. 9th, compete with teammates across the country in a 24-hour relay race that celebrates our National Parks and wildlife. 

What do I get?

A race entry, great memories, and the following à la carte swag options...

Baton / Medal

Race Bib

Race Shirt

How does it work?

This format is unique to the virtual racing scene! While you can race anywhere you’d like, you select a specific time slot to compete for your 24-hour relay team.

Each participant chooses a team and selects a 3-hour time slot for October 9, 2021. Run or walk for an hour within your time slot to contribute distance to your team. You’ll notice teams are named after national parks and their wildlife, so be sure to choose your favorite while it’s still available.

On race day, each team member will run or walk as far as they can for one hour. At the end of the day, all 8 team members' distances will be added up to see how far you went as a team! You'll be able to track each other and how you're stacking up against other teams.


Choose your team and time-slot


Walk or run for an hour when it's your turn


Report your completed distance


See which team went the furthest!

When do I start?

The race starts at midnight Pacific Time on October 9, 2021 (3 a.m. ET) and finish 24-hours later.
At the end of the race, we’ll add up how far each team went to see which one went the farthest.

Events Specifics & FAQs

Click an item from the dropdown menu below for help.

Do I have to Run?

Nope. You can either run or walk this race. 

what are the Registration Deadlines?

Prices increase after National Public Lands Day on September 25. Registration for all racers closes Friday, October 8.

The pre-order registration deadline was Sunday, September 12. Pre-order registrants will receive their shirts/bibs by race day on October 9.

For those who register after September 12, your shirts/bibs will be printed after the race and arrive in early November.

How does Shipping Work?

All swag ships separately. Shirts and medals ship with a tracking email from Bibs are sent in a standard white envelope with a first class stamp.

The pre-order registration deadline was Sunday, September 12. Pre-order registrants will receive their shirts/bibs by race day on October 9.

For those who register after September 12, your shirts/bibs will be printed after the race and arrive in early November.

where will i receive email updates from?

Our messages come from Please add this address to your safe list so you're sure to get all updates.

When do I need to complete my race?

The 24 hours of team racing will start at midnight Pacific Time (PT) on October 9, 2021.

Unlike our other events, you are required to do your race during the time slot you select during the registration process. All times are listed as Pacific Time. You'll need to calculate what that is in your local timezone.

This means if you register for a 5-8 a.m. slot and you live in the Eastern Time Zone, you'll actually be racing for an hour between 8 and 11 a.m. local time.

what are the distance options?

There is no predetermined distance choice. You will travel on foot unassisted for as far as you can in one hour on October 9, 2021.

How do I report my race completion?

For this event, everyone has the same time – one hour – to complete their race. That’s why, instead of reporting your finishing time, we need you to report your finishing distance (in miles) instead.

Once you complete your race, you'll report your finishing distance here. Reporting will remain open until 2 a.m. PDT October 10 – two hours after the last relay leg ends.

Top teams may be asked for screenshots or pictures of their completed distances for verification.

Where can I find results?

Full results will be posted here. Don't forget to report your finishing time with this same link!

Can I race for more than an hour?

If you would like to see how far you can go in multiple hours on race day, that's up to you. You'll need to register yourself for multiple relay time slots if that's what you decide.

What is a casual team?

A handful of teams are listed as “casual”. These are for racers who would like to participate in the Great National Park Relay, but plan to go only a short distance within an hour.

What is the private Facebook group?

There’s a special group for Great National Park Relay racers, past and present. Joining the group is entirely voluntary.

Can I double-dip my race miles with other VRC challenges?

We find some of our participants like to do multiple Virtual Running Club events at once. If you want to apply your race miles to multiple events, you have our full permission to do so. Choose whatever works best for you!

Will a portion of my registration benefit a charity?

Yes! A portion of proceeds will benefit Wander Project, a non-profit organization that engages with athletes and endurance racing events to support local communities through inspiring fundraising and service.

Since 2015, Wander Project participants have raised over $2 million through running events, with over 95% of that money going to national park and public lands preservation and conservation.

How Can I see who's On my team?

Visit this page to view how full each team is. Then click a team name to view who is on the roster.

We recommend joining our private Facebook group to connect with other relay racers as well as members of your team's roster.

Don’t see the answer to your question? Visit our help center and contact our support team.

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