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On February 18, 2021, the Perseverance Rover landed on Mars. It was carrying a passenger - the Ingenuity helicopter. Ingenuity's mission is to "test the first powered flight on Mars" over the course of five progressively longer, higher flights.

It will not be an easy mission. Mars has an incredibly thin atmosphere, making it harder for Ingenuity to complete even its first, and arguably easiest, mission of hovering only a few feet over the ground for only 20-30 seconds. But that's not going to stop it from trying. And we think that's really inspiring.

The scientists at NASA and JPL left an inspiring message for us all in the parachute that softened Perseverance's landing on Mars. Hidden in the red and white paneling was a code spelling out "Dare Mighty Things." In the spirit of Ingenuity daring mightily, we're inspired to do the same.

In this virtual challenge, you'll test your mettle to earn your medal with an activity that embraces the "Dare Mighty Things" spirit. 

If you've been chasing a goal and need a little boost to cross the finish line, this challenge is for you. If you want to prove to yourself that you CAN do something you've always wondered if you could do, this is the challenge for you. 

Do you want to dare mightily at a Mars related distance? Try one of these fun ideas:


  • Run, walk or roll 6.68 miles as fast as you can (668 Sols is the length of a year on Mars)
  • Run, walk or roll 6.87 miles as fast as you can (687 Sols is the number of Earth days in a Mars year)
  • Run, walk or roll 150.22 miles over the course of the race (Mars is 150.22 million miles from Earth)


  • Run, walk or roll as far as you can in 39 minutes and 35 seconds (this is how much longer a day on Mars is than an Earth day)
  • Run, walk or roll as far as you can in 61 minutes and 37 seconds (this is the length of an hour on Mars)
  • Run, walk or roll as far as you can in 11 minutes 

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Event Details

Distance: One dared mightily!
Race Day: March 18-May 18
Location: Wherever you want!

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Swag Preview

Race Shirt

Dare Mighty Things T-shirt Preview

Dare Mighty Things during your challenge and every day with this awesome t-shirt. 

The front shows off the Perseverance Rover's coded parachute and the back has the Virtual Running Club name translated into binary code and turned into another parachute.

Want to learn more about the parachute's hidden code? Click here.

Keepsake Printed Bib

Dare Mighty Things Bib Preview

Your bib collection isn't complete without this great collectible printed bib as a part of it.

It's printed on waterproof paper, so come race day, rain or shine, you can get out there and Dare Mighty Things.

Bibs are shipped regardless of whether you report a time.

Finisher Medal

Dare mighty things interactive medal concept

We're doing something really special for this medal. 

Just like Ingenuity, this medal can "take flight" (if you hold it in the air) when its blades spin. The blades will lie flat and stay in the plane of the medal if/when you put it on a medal display.

Dare Mighty Things Sticker


Dare Mighty Things is a motto to carry with you on your journey through life. In moments of uncertainty, it can help push you toward confidence. You CAN do what you're setting out to do. Also, space is really cool.

That's why we're offering one more swag option with this run. The Dare Mighty Things Challenge sticker. Put it on your laptop, stick it on your water bottle, tack it on your bulletin board, or give it to a friend to inspire them.


Register by April 1 to receive your swag by April 24

Register by May 1 to receive your swag by May 24

Register by May 18 to receive your swag by June 8

Medals will start shipping in May and AFTER you've reported your finish time.