Fitness Challenges & Virtual Races

Make fitness fun with a variety of event themes. Create your perfect race day with a distance, location and swag that is exactly what you are looking for. Choose a distance challenge for a long term challenge, designed to be completed over a period of time at your own pace or a choose a virtual race that you complete once in a single go. 

We find some of our participants like to do multiple Virtual Running Club events at once. If you want to double-dip – that is, apply your miles to multiple events – you have our full permission to do so. Choose whatever works best for you.


2022 Dog Lover’s Challenge • 100 or 1,000 Miles
Dino-Might Challenge • 100 Miles
Get To Sesame Street Challenge • 100 or 500 Miles
My Little Pony | Rainbow Retro Challenge • 120 or 600 Miles
Space Race • 400 Miles
Tetris Get Fit Game • 200 Miles
Transformers | Roll Out or Rise Up Challenge • 300 Miles
Year in Miles Challenge • 202.2 or 2,022 Miles
Yellowstone Challenge • 150 Miles

Upcoming Races


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