Yellowstone 150 Challenge


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Celebrate 150 Years of Yellowstone & National Parks!

Earn a commemorative Yellowstone coin for every 25 miles you report between now and June 2023. 

Celebrate Yellowstone’s 150th birthday by participating in the Yellowstone 150 Challenge. Yellowstone was the first national park, established in 1872, making this celebration greater than a Yellowstone celebration, but a celebration of 150 years of national parks!

Log 150 miles and explore Yellowstone National Park by running, walking, hiking, or moving your way to landmarks within the park. With every 25 miles logged, you will earn a commemorative coin, each displaying a unique Yellowstone attraction.

All registrations come with the 6 commemorative coins that will be shipped to you as you complete each 25 mile milestone. You can also become a part of the Yellowstone Challenge private Facebook group, which will provide a supportive running community along the way. As always, our swag comes with FREE shipping!

Get Started

  1. 1
    Register for the Challenge
  2. 2
    Join the Private Facebook Group
  3. 3
    Get Moving! Run/walk/hike/move your way to your first 25-mile coin.
  4. 4
    Report when you've completed your first 25 miles. See how below!
  5. 5
    Continue the Challenge! Start making your way to your next 25-mile coin.

Gear Up celebrate 150 years of Yellowstone! Each commemorative coin you'll earn represents a beloved park landmark.



Event Specifics & FAQs

What shipment/Registration options are there?

There are two registration options - each based on how you want your coins shipped.

After I Report

- This option is designed to help you stay motivated and accountable throughout the entire 150 mile journey.

- The only way to get your coins is to report the completion of each 25 miles segment on the free VRC App. You will use the same email address you use when you sign up to gain entry to the app.

- Once you complete a run (or walk/hike/bike/etc), log it it on the app and watch the miles up

- When you reach a milestone, you will be able to claim the associated coin and have it shipped to any US address.

Autoship My medal

- This option is designed for those that want to instantly reward themselves after completing a milestone with the corresponding coin. 

- All coins are shipped shortly after registration and you can go at your own pace. 

- You still have access to log your miles in the free VRC App. Use the same email address you use when you sign up.

How will I receive my coins?

After I Report

The coin tied to the specific distance milestone (25, 50, 75, etc.) typically ship within 3 business days after the milestone is marked as complete and is claimed in the app.

Addresses can be updated after each claiming if necessary.

Autoship My medal

All coins will ship automatically with 3 business days after registration.

When will i receive my swag?

Shirts are printed on-demand and typically take about 1 week to produce and then another week to ship. Expect your shirt to arrive about 2 weeks following your registration. 

How Long Do I have to complete the Challenge?

You'll have through at least June 2023 to complete your 150 mile challenge. If you don't think you'll make it in time, you can still claim your coins in the app and then complete the distance on your own after that date.

are there other yellowstone EVENTS?

Yes! We have a series of races themed around Yellowstone landmarks. For these races, you'll be able to select your distance: 5k, 10k, or half marathon. 

will a portion of my registration benefit a charity?

Yes! A portion of proceeds will benefit Wander Project.


Work with our friends at Wander Project and when you raise the minimum threshold for a non-profit (usually $500), Virtual Running Club will sponsor your participation in this event at no cost to you!

Learn more on the Wander Project Charity Bib Page.

Yellowstone Race Series

Interested in more Yellowstone events? Check out our Yellowstone Race Series!

This is a series of 7 races, featuring landmarks found within the Yellowstone Park. You pick your distance (5K, 10K, or half marathon), race date, and location! 

The series is going on now through December 31, 2022. You can pick one race at a time, a la carte, or purchase a series pass to get all 7 at a discount!

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