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Stay motivated with this Running/Walking Streak Challenge

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Every Player Gets

Tetris: Get Fit game board poster & individual Tetrimino stickers

Extra motivation to go 200 miles in less than one year!

PLUS a rad Tetris Finisher Medal!

And you can choose from the following add-on options

Finisher Medal

Blank Printed Poster Bib

Official Licensed
Challenge Shirt

Accountability Mode Sticker Style

DIY Mode Sticker/Scratch Off Style

Achieve a New HIGH SCORE

Earn a new Tetrimino every week that you go 4+ miles (walking / running / hiking / etc.). Add your Tetrimino to your personal Tetris Matrix poster game board. Keep going for 50 weeks or it's GAME OVER (in true Tetris style).

Two ways to play

Accountability Mode


Tetriminos stickers Ship as they're earned in the vrc app

For every 4 miles you run/walk/bike/etc., you'll be able to claim a random tetrimino sticker in our app to be mailed to you at your convenience! 
Go at least 4 miles per week to keep your streak alive and complete 200 miles in only 50 weeks!

What You Get

  • App access to log your progress and claim each random sticker
  • Official Licensed Tetris™ Matrix game board poster
  • Regular Tetrimino stickers by mail
  • Tetris Get Fit Game Finisher Medal
  • Official challenge bib (optional)
  • Official Licensed "Tetris: Get Fit" t-shirt (optional)

Do-it-yourself Mode


Autoship all Tetrimino Stickers and poster right away

Go 4+ miles each week (running, walking, etc.).
Then use your scratch-off card to see which Tetrimino to add to your game board.

What You Get

  • App access to log your progress
  • Official Licensed Tetris™ Matrix game board poster
  • 4 Tetrimino sticker sheets
  • Scratch-off card
  • Official Tetris Matrix Finisher Medal
  • Official Tyvek® challenge bib (optional)
  • Official Licensed "Tetris: Get Fit" t-shirt (optional)

Event Specifics & FAQs

How This Works

The Tetris Get Fit Game is designed specifically for you to find the extra motivation to get moving consistently. Just as a Tetris shape (Tetrimino) is made of 4 squares, every 4 miles you go, you'll earn another sticker to place on your Tetris Matrix Game Board. Watch as the Tetriminos stack up - meaning you've gone further than you realized and improving your health along the way!

You do not have to go 4 miles all in one attempt. You can break up the distance however works best for you. You can also go more than 4 miles at a time if you want. The idea is just that you go at least 4 miles per week so you can achieve 200 miles in 1 year!

Just think - if you would have started this 1 year ago, you would already have 200 MILES under your belt. Don't wait. Sign up now and stay motived all year long!

Registration Deadlines

When you choose the "Autoship DIY" option, the game starts when your poster & sticker package arrives. 

If you register for  "Accountability Mode", you can start your game right away. After you sign up, download the VRC app and enter the same email address you used when you sign up and start logging your miles. After every 4 miles you go, you'll earn 1 random Tetrimino sticker that you can place on you game board. Stickers are sent one time per week, so you can control how often the stickers are sent based on when you claim them in the app.

Supplies are limited! Registration will close soon.

Medals & Shipping

DIY - Autoship

Players signed up for the DIY/Autoship option do NOT report their completion of the 200 miles. Instead, their medal will ship at the same time as their game board matrix, stickers and other swag items. Generally, Autoship items are expected to ship within a week after registration.


Players completing the Accountability option will NOT get their medal until they have completed all 200 miles and claimed their final award in the VRC app. 

Shirts & Bibs & SHIPPING

Shirts and blank bib posters are available to add to each registration and are printed specifically for each participant. With print on demand (POD) production, everything is made to order, creating less waste than conventional manufacturing. Plus this helps get your swag to you sooner than other methods.

Shirts and other POD items generally ship about 1 week after being ordered and arrive within another week.



Reporting is not available for this registration option. You can use the VRC app to log your progress, but that's it.


Reporting is REQUIRED to get your random Tetrimino sticker and finisher medal. Reporting can only be done in the VRC app.

What is Game Over?

Playing the Tetris Get Fit Game is similar to playing it in an arcade, there can be a Game Over. This happens when you have not reported your weekly completion for 2 weeks in a row. 

This is an honor-system based process. If you feel like you need an exception, no problem. Just keep playing until you finish your 200 miles!

Distance Information

While you're only required to run and report 4 miles to earn your Tetrimino, you should always feel free to be more ambitious! If you're on a win streak, keep it going. Just remember to report 4 miles every week. 

Tetris™ & © 1985-2021 Tetris Holding.

Shirt Size Charts

Everyday Shirt Sizes

Tech Shirt Sizes


50/50 Cotton/Poly

This is a "slippery" polyester shirt


Ladies / Tank / Mens

Tri-Blend Poly/Cotton/Rayon (50/25/25)

Ladies / Mens
This is a "soft" polyester/spandex (95/5) shirt. It feels like cotton, but still wicks

(To choose select "Men" then S, M, or L)
50/50 cotton/poly

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