A 5k that can be done anywhere!

Welcome to the most thrilling event of the year!

You're invited to join us in celebrating the 2023 Annular Eclipse. In case you didn't know, "annular" has to do with the shape that the Moon makes when blocking the Sun. A better way to describe it is "RING OF FIRE" and that's exactly what we're celebrating with this race and our super unique finisher medal.

All are welcome to join us on this one-of-a-kind event designed for walkers, runners, swimmers, bikers... everyone! Go at your own pace and even choose your own distance for this unique and fun event.

Plus, the finisher medal is designed so that when the conditions are right,* when it is being held during an eclipse, it will cast a very cool crescent shaped shadow on the ground. 

Don't wait to sign up. Register now to get the best price and to ensure your swag arrives before the day of the Eclipse.

We are proud to partner with our friends at Celestron once again!

"I did the last Eclipse race with VRC and can't wait for this one too. I thought the medal and other bling was cool and it actually exceeded my expectations. But I was really surprised about how fulfilling the racing part was. I didn't go very fast, but I felt connected to something bigger than myself and created memories that I'll never forget. Can't wait to see this Ring of Fire too."

-Ali, ID

registration includes:

  • FREE - Celestron Eclipsmart glasses
  • VRC APP Access for logging miles
  • downloadable bib pdf
  • Free shipping on all items!

This medal is uniquely designed so that when viewing an eclipse, the shadow through the holes should display the crescent shape of the Moon blocking Sun!* Like what is depicted here.

Each medal registration comes with Celestron EclipSmart Solar Eclipse Glasses! (While supplies last)

available add-on options:

  • Basic Everyday Shirt
  • Premium Everyday Shirt - Men & Women
  • Premium Racerback Tank
  • Youth Shirt
  • Classic Camo Dad hat

Check out even more Swag options on the shop

Accept the challenge 

Autoship Medal

 $35 $20

  • Shipping Included (Medal ships automatically)
  • Finisher Medal
  • Celestron EclipSmart Glasses
  • VRC Mileage Tracking App
  • PDF Download Race Bib
  • Lots of add-on shirt choices (optional)
  • Classic Dad Hat (optional)

Reporting in the VRC app is completely optional.

Report for Medal


Due to the interactive nature of the medal, we want you to have the medal during the eclipse, so the ability to report to earn your medal has been disabled for this unique event.

See The Most Requested VRC swag here 

why take on the challenge? 

Virtual Running Club works hard to earn your business and your trust. Our swag is high quality and we work to match that quality with our customer service. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our racers have to say:

Kerrianne Hayes:

“This challenge was a blast! I signed up in order to shed a few pounds, be healthier, and to earn some rad swag for my four-year-old who loves Sesame Street. I did better than I imagined. Thanks for the fun!"

Rebecca McCorkindale:

"This race has changed my life. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over five years ago, I thought my race days were over. This challenge has motivated me to get up each morning and do what I can – and over time I've been able to do more and more. I'm now running 3 miles on most days and the possibility of doing an in-person race is becoming a reality."

Deb o.:

“I signed up as a way to curb my virtual race habit during COVID. It’s been a blast! What’s even better is that I’ve been able to share this with my 75-year old father. We walked the last mile together and my mom met us in the driveway to give Dad his medal. It was a special day and a momentous occasion.”

Kathryn ShaughnaRioux:

"Seeing all the stories and celebrations on Facebook was an added dimension to the motivation that I had not anticipated. There was no “pressure”, lots of positive reinforcement, and the miles added up. The run organizers are cheerfully responsive. We overwhelmed them with love for Sesame Street and they responded with grace and enthusiasm in creating another event with even more input from the Facebook group. Kudos to all involved, looking forward to more journeys together.”

*Crescent shaped shadows are dependent on a variety of factors and conditions. We've done all we can, including talking to actual rocket scientists, to give you the best chance of seeing the phenomenon of the shadows using your medal.


Click an item from the dropdown menu below for help.

Do I have to "run"?

You can run, walk, bike, hike, etc. Do what works best for you!

Check out our free conversion chart to see how different physical activities can be applied to this challenge.

how does shipping work?

Swag ships separately in the methods and timeframes listed below.


  • Ships automatically with a tracking email from support@virtualrunningclub.com
  • Expected to start shipping starting in September

Shirts & Hat

  • Printed on-demand and expected to ship about 2 weeks after registration 

what are the registration deadlines?

Registration remains open while supplies last.

how do i log my miles?

Your registration comes with access to the VRC mobile app. Use the app to report your race completion. Click here to download the app on iOS or Android, then follow the instructions below:

  1. 1
    Enter the email associated with your registration.
  2. 2
    Click the May The Force be with You Race to report your race completion.
  3. 3
    Select “Add Activity”.
  4. 4
    Enter your completed race distance and click “Save”. Your freshly earned digital badge will pop up on your screen.
  5. 5


The minimum distance is 5K. If you would like to go further, you definitely can!

How long do I have to complete MY RACE?

Do your race on your own timeline. All swag ships automatically. You are encouraged to finish your race before displaying your medal.

where will i receive email updates from?

Our messages come from support@virtualrunningclub.com. Please add this address to your safe list so you're sure to get all updates.

Can I double-dip my miles with other events?

Many participants like to do multiple Virtual Running Club events at once. If you want to double-dip – that is, apply your miles to multiple events – you have our full permission to do so. Choose whatever works best for you!

Why would someone participate in this?

We provide events like the Ring of Fire Eclipse Fun Run for people that like to celebrate big events or momentous occasions with something physical (like a race, hike, swim, etc.). We understand that that's not for everyone, but if that's something you're into or that you'd like to try, you're invited to join us!

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