Red-Nosed Reindeer Race Challenge

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Red-Nosed Reindeer Race Challenge

Red-Nosed Reindeer Race Challenge 1




Starting December 16, 2019


Wherever you want!

Early Bird Shipment Deadline
December 2, 2019
Registration Deadline
January 1, 2020

#RaceVRC #ReindeerRace

Rudolph was born 80 years ago and we're throwing a little party/challenge. Starting December 16, the challenge is to run, walk, hike, etc. at least 1K everyday leading up to Christmas. 2020 is going to be a great year. Let's start it off strong by establishing great habits now!

This event is a little more basic than some of our others. Registration is still a la carte as usual, but you simply have a shirt and/or bib to choose from. Go at least 1K every day and you're set! Many will do more, but the goal is EVERY DAY.

You up for the challenge? Don't wait - the Early Bird shipment deadline is Sunday December 1, 2019. Sign up now!

Choose Your Swag

Race Shirt

Red-Nosed Reindeer Race Challenge 2

Show your conquering spirit! Choose from basic everyday t-shirts to performance tech-tees.

Shirts are shipped regardless of whether you finish your race.

(All shirts have the same imprint.)

Keepsake Printed Bib

Red-Nosed Reindeer Race Challenge 3

Building your bib collection? Grab one of these awesome collectible printed bibs on waterproof paper.

Bibs are shipped regardless of whether you finish your race.

Red-Nosed Reindeer Race Challenge 4

Other Important Details

Official Race Day

Registration will be open through race day as supplies last. Most people will run that day BUT you can do it when and where works best for you. Because we strive to honor the tradition of in-person races, you’ll receive messages as if that is race day for you, just know that we’re okay with it if you need to do something different.

Shirt Sizing

Premium Everyday 
Ladies / Tank / Mens

Premium Tech 
Ladies / Mens

Youth (Choose "Men" then S, M, or L)

Where's My Swag?

Bibs & Shirts

Shirts and bibs for this race will be sent in 2 batches. 

Register by December 1, 2019 and your shirt and/or bib will arrive around December 16.
Register after December 1 and your shirt and/or bib will not ship until mid-January.


There are not medals for this event. Accept the challenge, have fun, and start 2020 with a bang.


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  • Darren B Rankins says:

    How to volunteer

    • Ryan Jenkins says:

      We don’t offer volunteer options since these races are done at home or wherever is most convenient for the runner.

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