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Rainbow Retro Challenge

Run With Your Favorite Ponies & Collect Rewards

Run with the ponies and collect rewards along the way! At each milestone you'll unlock a special pony and earn a pin showcasing their unique cutie mark. Select a 120 or 600 mile journey as your goal and start earning your rewards.

Earn Pins at Every Milestone

  • 120 Mile Challenge

  • 600 Mile Challenge

120 mile challenge pins

  • 20 Miles - Cotton Candy
  • 40 Miles - Blossom
  • 60 Miles - Snuzzle 
  • 80 Miles - Butterscotch
  • 100 Miles - Blue Belle
  • 120 Miles - Minty

Finisher Medal

Other Items Available

  • Official My Little Pony Challenge T-shirt
  • Officially Licensed Tyvek Keepsake Bib

Please Note: Shipping times may vary due to supply chain issues affecting us all. Please familiarize yourself with the deadlines and event format listed in our FAQ section.

How far will you go?

Select a 120 or 600 mile challenge to be completed at your pace! Both cumulative distance challenges come with unique My Little Pony themed pins that showcase a different pony's Cutie Mark that you'll earn along the way as you reach each milestone. 

Accountability Package

Report your mileage | Rewards ship as they're earned


  • More accountability (If you don't do the distance, you don't get the reward!)
  • 6 unique milestone pins
  • 1 finisher medal locket
  • 1 lanyard to attach your milestone pins
  • Rewards are shipped after they're earned
  • Free access to our app for tracking & reporting your miles
  • Access to super-supportive private Facebook group

DIY Package

No app access | Rewards ship automatically


  • More affordable
  • 6 unique milestone pins
  • 1 finisher medal locket
  • 1 lanyard to attach your milestone pins
  • Rewards ship out all at the same time
  • Access to super-supportive private Facebook group
  • No app access

Have a Question? Let us help!

Do I Have To "Run"?

Nope. You can complete your distance however works best for you. Running is great, but so is walking, hiking, dancing, swimming, rucking...

How does shipping work?

While we ship items together whenever possible, due to the custom nature of our swag, items are often shipped separately. For those that register for the "All Together" option, their pins and medal will ship all together starting in March 2022. For those that register for "Ship Rewards As They're Earned", each pin will ship as you report the distance milestone in the VRC reporting app. You will be able to begin logging your distance starting January 1, 2022. Milestone awards take about 2 weeks until they arrive to your home/address. (Note pins will start to ship in March 2022.)

The USPS is our primary shipping provider. Shirts, pins, and medals ship with a tracking email from [email protected] Bibs are sent in a standard white envelope with a first class stamp.

What are the registration deadlines?

Pre-order registration deadline:
January 24, 2022

For those that register by January 24, their shirt and/or bib will be batch-printed specifically for them and will arrive to their address around February 18, 2022. Pins and medals will start to ship in March

Standard registration deadline:
February 20, 2022 or while supplies last

For those that register between January 25 and February 20, their shirt and/or bib will be batch-printed specifically for them and will arrive to their address around March 25, 2022. Pins and medals will remain available while supplies last and will start to ship in March.

Late registration deadline:
After February 20, 2022 or while supplies last

For those that register after February 20, 2022, keepsake printed bibs will no longer be available to buy and shirt selection will decrease and prices will increase. Shirts will be printed on-demand and are expected to arrive approximately 2 weeks after being ordered. Pins and medals will remain available while supplies last.

How do I log my miles?

If you select the "Ship Rewards As They're Earned" option, you’ll need to report your miles through our new mobile app. Starting January 1, 2022, you can log into the app with the email address you used with registration.

Click here to download the app on iOS or Android.

Check out our video tutorial or the following instructions to navigate the app:

  1. Enter the email associated with your registration.
  2. Click the event you would like to add miles for. Only challenges that you are registered for with reporting will be shown in the app. 
  3. To add miles, scroll down to the bottom and select “Add Activity”.
  4. Enter your miles and click “Save”.
  5. When you reach a milestone, your freshly earned pin will pop up on your screen. Congrats! Click “Claim” and follow the prompts to receive your reward.

what are the distance options?

Choose between completing 120 miles or 600 miles. Or do both!

Can i do both MLP challenges?

Of course! Each distance has unique cutie mark pins. Take on one and then the other or even both at the same time. 

how long do I have to complete the challenge?

You will have through June 2023 to complete this challenge! Take the time you need to reach your goal.

where will i receive email updates from?

Our messages come from [email protected] Please add this address to your safe list so you're sure to get all updates.

can i double-dip these miles with other challenges?

Many of our participants like to do multiple Virtual Running Club events at once. If you want to double-dip – that is, apply your miles to multiple events – you have our full permission to do so. Choose whatever works best for you!

what is the private facebook group?

There’s a special Facebook group for VRC Distance Challenges, where members share their achievements and cheer each other on. Joining the group is entirely voluntary.

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