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A Note From The VRC Staff

As we have looked at what Russia is doing to and in Ukraine we feel helplessness and disgust. While we don’t pretend to be experts at how to help, we want to try to at least do something. We have come up with the following steps that we’re following to help deflect Russia and help Ukrainians:

Step One:

Make sure your senators and representatives know that they need to act. We found this page with direct links to federal and other elected officials: Write/Call/Message letting them know to stand up to Russia and help Ukraine.

Step Two:

Invite at least 3 of your friends to call their elected officials.

Step Three:

Consider donating to a Ukraine-centered-cause. Some ideas include UNICEF, UN Crisis Relief and Save The Children or check out this NPR article for other ideas. 


If getting out and doing a 5K in support of Ukraine will help you, we have set up a no-swag virtual race. This is a free event and includes a For Ukraine digital badge if you report completion on the VRC app. There is no tangible swag. This is the one thing we do know how to do and maybe it will help you show your support if you run/walk/bike/swim For Ukraine. That's why we're calling the event the “For Ukraine Virtual Race” and you can get signed up by filling out the information below. If you have more questions, you can check the FAQs below this form:


Why Are You Hosting This Virtual Race?

Sometimes getting out and running (or any other activity) is not just healthy for the individual working out, but can show support for others that are suffering. If no one signs up for this event, we're okay with that. We are just trying to do something to help Ukraine/Ukrainians.

Does The Race Cost Anything?

No. This event is free.

Is Reporting Required?

No. But you are able to use our app to log your miles and mark your race as complete. When you finish the 5K by entering your miles on the app, you will earn a digital badge that is stored in your app profile.

Do I Have To "Run"?

No. You can run, walk, hike, bike, swim or otherwise go however works best for you. You can use our mileage conversion chart to see what other activities are "worth" in miles.

When Is The Race?

There is no specific date for this event. You can do your 5K whenever works best for you.


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