My First 5K

Go 3.1 miles, get awesome swag, feel great & celebrate your ACCOMPLISHMENT

Going 5 kilometers deserves to be celebrated!

Earn an awesome medal and get some other fun swag when you complete your first 5K! This stunning 4" medal will be one to help you celebrate your accomplishment and propel you for more.

How does it work?

During the registration process, you get to choose how you want your medal shipped. You can have it auto-shipped upfront so you can reward yourself as soon as you finish or you can choose the "report for rewards" option where you are required to go 5K (3.1 miles) and then report completion in the free VRC app and claim your reward. A third option is to remove your medal from the registration and just commit to going 5K and be held accountable to that commitment.

This program will give you the push needed to commit to move and nudge you to stay on track to succeed long-term.

How much does it cost?

Event registrations that include a medal are just $35!

How do I have to complete this race?

Take as long as you need. Those that choose the "report for rewards" option will have through 12/31/2023 to finish and claim their reward.

More questions?

See the FAQ section below.

"I always wanted to try a 5K, but I could never commit. This gave me just the motivation I needed to do it plus the medal was BEAUTIFUL!"

ERica P.

What do I get?

Every registration includes this beautiful 4" MEDAL plus app tracking.

Sign up and start today!

Report for Medal

$35 $15

  • Shipping Included (Medal ships after 5K finished in the app)
  • Beautiful 4" Finisher Medal
  • VRC Mileage Tracking App
  • Lots of add-on shirt choices (optional)
  • Keepsake bib poster (optional)

Great for additional accountability and motivation.

Report your miles in the VRC mobile app and claim the medal when you're done (ships ~1 week after claiming in the app).

AutoShip Medal

$35 $15

  • Shipping Included (Medal ships automatically after registration)
  • Beautiful 4" Finisher Medal
  • VRC Mileage Tracking App
  • Lots of add-on shirt choices (optional)
  • Keepsake bib poster (optional)

Best for rewarding yourself on your unique timeline.

Receive medal about 1 week after registration. Reporting in the VRC app is completely optional.

No Medal


  • Remove finisher reward from registration
  • VRC Mileage Tracking App
  • Lots of add-on shirt choices (optional)
  • Keepsake bib poster (optional)

Don't need the medal? Still participate and choose any optional add-ons.

Just want the Medal?

Not interested in signing up, but still want the medal? You can purchase it on our store.

Have a Question? Let us help!

Click an item from the dropdown menu below for help.

Do I have to Run or can I do something else?

You can run, walk, bike, hike, etc. Do what works best for you!

How long do I have to complete the Race?

You can take as long necessary to complete this 5K

If you register for Report for Rewards, you'll need to finish and claim your medal by 12/31/2023.

how does shipping work?

Medals will ship about 1 week after registration (for autoship) and 1 week after claiming them in the app (for report for rewards).

Shirts and bib posters are printed specifically for your order ("on-demand") and generally take about 2 weeks to print and ship.

Access to the app is available immediately after you purchase and is tied to the email address used when you register.

what are the registration deadlines?

Registration will remain open while supplies last

What are the prices?


(You can remove the medal and subtract $10 from your registration)

where will i receive email updates from?

Our messages come from Please add this address to your safe list so you're sure to get all updates.

can I double-dip these Miles with other challenges?


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