Dog lover's challenge

100 mile challenge

Benefitting Turquoise Paw Rescue 

a walking or running challenge for you and your furry friend!

Run or walk to be rewarded with pup-themed pins as you hit 6 milestones along the way to your medal. Go 100 miles and get healthy all along the way (1,000-mile challenge sold out).

"The Dog Lover's Challenge has kept me moving both throughout pregnancy and after. Having that little extra motivation is so helpful and I get so spend some extra time outdoors with my dog which makes it extra special."

Morgan T.

Dog Lover's Challenge participant

What do I get?

Every Registration Includes:

  • Finisher medal 
  • 6 pup-themed pins 
  • Clip-on medal (dog tag) for your favorite canine
  • VRC app access to report your miles
  • FREE shipping on all items! 
  • Access to super-supportive private Facebook group

Available add-on options:

  • Official race shirt
  • Additional dog tag medal
  • Mileage trackers, stickers, and tote bags exclusively in the event store

additional dog lover's gear available in the vrc shop

PICK Your Registration OPTION

Select your distance below, then your reward structure.

  • REPORT FOR REWARDS - Great for additional accountability and motivation. Report your miles in the VRC mobile app, and claim each reward individually as you reach it. Pins and medal ship within 1 week of claiming them in the app.
  • AUTOSHIP REWARDS - Best for rewarding yourself on your unique timeline. Receive all pins and medal within 1 week of registration. Reporting in the VRC app is completely optional.

did someone say treats? 

Check out the pins you'll be collecting as you reach each checkpoint 

  • 100 Mile challenge

  • 1,000 Mile challenge


Challenge yourself to go 100 miles! Run or walk as many as you can with your pup and earn a pin at each checkpoint, and medal at challenge completion. 

Checkpoint Pins

  • 10 Miles - Labrador Puppy
  • 25 Miles - German Shepherd
  • 40 - Beagle
  • 55 Miles - Golden Retriever
  • 70 Miles - Doodle
  • 85 Miles - Australian Shepherd

Finisher medal

Medals for you and your favorite pup 

Why take on the challenge?

Because the miles are better together! Celebrating your pup with regular exercise is good for you both. Even if your dog can't come along for all the miles, even a few will do them good. Dogs that receive the appropriate amount of exercise for their age and breed are often reported as:

  • Less destructive
  • More mentally stimulated
  • Better sleepers at night
  • Less likely to seek attention with excessive barking or whining
  • So, so happy to check out all the outdoor sights and smells!
  • So, so, so happy to spend the extra quality time with you!

Have a Question? Let us help!

Click an item from the dropdown menu below for help.

Do I Have To Run?

Nope. We understand every person and pup is different. Running is great, but so is walking, hiking, dancing, rucking...

Check out our free conversion chart to see how different physical activities can be applied to this challenge.

how long do I have to complete the challenge?

You have through December 31, 2023 to complete this challenge! Take the time you need to reach your 100 or 1000-mile distance goal.

If you prefer a more flexible timeline, we recommend opting to receive all your rewards up front during registration. Then you can earn them on your unique schedule.

How does shipping work?

Swag ships separately in the methods and timeframes listed below.

Pins & Medals

  • Ship with a tracking email from
  • If you select autoship, pins and medals ship within a week of registration
  • If you opt to report for rewards, pins and medals ship within a week of reporting their completion on the VRC mobile app

Additional Dog Medals

  • Ship with a tracking email from within a week of registration

Shirts, Stickers, Mileage Trackers, & Tote Bags

  • Printed on-demand and expected to arrive roughly 2 weeks after you place an order

What are the registration deadlines?

Registration remains open while supplies last.

How do I log my miles?

Your registration comes with access to the VRC mobile app to report your miles. Click here to download the app on iOS or Android, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter the email associated with your registration.
  2. Click the Dog Lover's Challenge event.
  3. Select “Add Activity”.
  4. Enter your miles and click “Save”.
  5. When you reach a milestone, your freshly earned pin will pop up on your screen. Congrats! Click “Claim” and follow the prompts to receive your reward. If you opted to receive your rewards up front instead, the “Claim” button will not appear.


If you opted to report for rewards, make sure you log your miles in the VRC mobile app. Once you log enough miles in the app to reach a milestone, your freshly earned pin will pop up on your screen. Congrats! Click the Claim button and follow the prompts to receive your reward.

Reached the milestone awhile ago and still haven't gotten your reward in the mail? You may have forgotten to hit the Claim button. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Log back into the app.
  2. Click the milestone you reached, but have not yet received your reward for.
  3. If you forgot to hit "Claim" the first time, the Claim button will reappear.
  4. Click it and verify your mailing address to put your reward in our shipping queue.

Still having trouble? Shoot us an email at

where will i receive email updates from?

Our messages come from Please add this address to your safe list so you're sure to get all updates.

What is the private Facebook group?

There’s a special Facebook group for VRC Distance Challenges, where members share their achievements and cheer each other on. Joining the group is entirely voluntary.

what are the distance options?

Choose between completing 100 miles or 1000 miles. 

Do I need to complete my miles with a dog?

Take the opportunity to strengthen your bond and discover your healthiest selves together!

We recognize every dog has different fitness needs based on medical history, breed, age, and other factors. We encourage you to include your pup in as many miles as appropriate, and to consult with your veterinarian if you’re unsure what regular activity looks like for your four-legged friend.

can i double-dip these miles with other challenges?

We find some of our participants like to do multiple Virtual Running Club events at once. If you want to double-dip – that is, apply your miles to multiple events – you have our full permission to do so. Choose whatever works best for you!

If I have More than One Dog, can i get an extra medal for them?

Absolutely! Your registration includes one human medal and one dog medal. But additional dog medals are available for purchase at our online store.

  • Click here for additional 100-mile challenge medals.
  • Click here for 1,000-mile challenge medals.

Will a portion of my registration benefit a charity?

Yes! A portion of proceeds will benefit Turquoise Paw. Their mission is to rescue animals within the borders of the Navajo Nation, to support efforts in population control and education, and – most importantly – to provide the humane choice of no kill sheltering by maintaining a volunteer-based, safe harbor network.


Work with our friends at Wander Project and when you raise the minimum threshold for a non-profit (usually $500), Virtual Running Club will sponsor your participation in this event at no cost to you!

Learn more on the Wander Project Charity Bib Page.

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