Add 30 Program

A simple program expertly designed 

to help you burn fat & Be more active

What is the Add 30 Program?

  1. Add 30 minutes of walking to your current routine
  2. Do this 5 days per week
  3. In 13 weeks you will have burned about 10,000 extra calories (worth more than 2 pounds of fat)!

How does it work?

Every registration comes with a beautiful poster that helps you stay on the path to success. For each minute that you go, you can mark off completion towards the weekly milestone goal of 150 minutes. Plus the Add 30 program will be available on the VRC app where you can log your minutes, pass milestones and unlock special digital badges along the way.

This program will give you the push needed to commit to move and nudge you to stay on track to succeed long-term.

How much does it cost?

Just $35!

How long is the program?

Simply add 30 minutes of walking to your existing routine just 5 days per week. Do that for a total of 1950 minutes (13 weeks) and the average adult will have burned about 10,000 extra calories!

More questions?

See the FAQ section below.

"I thought it sounded too easy to be true, but as I maintained the other activities I was doing, adding a 30 minute walk every day became something I really looked forward to."

Millie T.

What SWAG do I get?

Every registration includes this beautiful 16"x20" poster plus app tracking with special milestone badges!

Sign up and start today!

Registration, Poster & App Tracking

$35 $30

  • Shipping Included
  • Beautiful 16x20 poster
  • VRC Tracking App

Great for additional accountability and motivation.

Report your minutes in the free VRC app and unlock fun add-ons as you work towards the 1950 minute goal.

Deselect the poster

$25 $20

  • VRC Tracking App

Best for those looking for digital tracking and accountability. Simply tap "No thanks" in the "Official Finisher Awards" section.

Just want the poster?

Not interested in signing up, but still want the poster? You can purchase the poster on our store.

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Do I have to walk or can I do something else?

You can do whatever works best for you. To get the same benefit of a brisk walk, keeping an eye on your heart rate will help. Generally you'll want to be at about 55%-65% of your max heart rate.

Listen to your body and talk to your medical professional with any specific questions.

How long do I have to complete the Program?

You can take as long necessary to complete this program

This is designed to be completed in 3 months. However, that's the secret of how this works. You are not tied to specific days. You are able to adapt the number of days you take to complete the challenge because everything is broken down by the minute!

There are milestones every 150 minutes with the final minute marker at 1950 minutes. If this program is done 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week, it will be completed in 1 quarter of a year.

how does shipping work?

Tracker posters are printed specifically for your order ("on-demand") and generally take about 2 weeks to print and ship.

Access to the app is available immediately after you purchase and is tied to the email address used when you register.

what are the registration deadlines?

Registration will remain open while supplies last

What are the prices?


(You can remove the poster and subtract $10 from your registration)

Why should I do this?

Add 30 has been designed by expert trainers to help you get and stay motivated. By adding movement to your current routine, you will increase your overall health and by having a place to record your effort, you will stay motivated to keep going. You're not locked into a strict program, so there's just enough structure to adapt to your specific needs.

Tell me more

The average adult burns about 150 calories in a brisk 30 minute walk. (This is a swift walk, but generally you're not breaking a sweat, so it makes it easy to do during lunch or after dinner, etc.). If 150 calories is burned in 30 minutes per day, it only takes 23 days to burn one pound of fat. You are encouraged not to focus on scale weight, but rather pay attention to how your clothes fit and how much energy you have. Scale weight doesn't matter!

This is all about adding 30 minutes of walking to your regular routine. By adding to what you already do is the key to this program. Do not eat more as that will counteract the caloric burn achieved by adding 30 minutes of walking. 

If you're sedentary, add 30 minutes of activity to your life. Consider starting other forms of cardiovascular and strength training.

If you've already got a fitness routine, consider this as a "two-a-day".

When does this program start?

You can start Add 30 as soon as you purchase!

What is included?

Every registration includes a beautiful full-color 16" x 20" poster, plus access to the program on the VRC app. You can use the app to keep track of your miles and as you pass certain digital badge milestones,  you will also unlock access to special option add-on items to purchase.

Are there any other tangible rewards

Not at this time

where will i receive email updates from?

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can I double-dip these minutes with other challenges?


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