Senior Marketing Manager

About Virtual Running Club

We’re a fun little company sitting at the intersection of the fitness and virtual events industries. We’re 100% remote and always have been.

Our roots are in virtual races but we’ve been expanding into challenges, and soon into mobile fitness games.

We’re a results-oriented, family friendly company. (Our kids join our video calls occasionally. We call them “interns”.) We don’t officially track vacation days, we just want you to get the job done and take the time you need to decompress as-needed. 

The Role

We’re looking for a Senior Marketing Manager to join our team and help us spread the word about our fun virtual events and challenges.

While this is a Senior position and you will have support from and report to the CMO, the position will be in essence the entire marketing team for the time being. We're looking for someone with solid marketing experience but who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty writing up content, doing SEO research, etc. 

Our ideal teammate has the following attributes:

  • Unimpeachable integrity and reliability: We’re a 100% remote team and always have been. You’ll need the ability to work full-time from home (or wherever you prefer) while maintaining your focus and productivity.
  • Entrepreneurial: Are you familiar with the idea of a “lean startup” or “customer development”? Maybe you’ve read “The Lean Startup”? This role involves interacting with customers and learning what drives them and what resonates with them so we can build products they want. You need to be comfortable jumping on the phone and chatting with customers.
  • Solid writing skills and a good eye for design: A significant part of this position involves creating content. This includes writing blog posts for our website, guest posting for other organizations, designing images for Instagram/Pinterest, writing Facebook ads, etc. Good spelling & grammar and attention to detail are necessary.
  • Analytical: In addition to designing and creating content, you’ll also evaluate marketing performance and conduct ad campaign optimizations across Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc. Spreadsheet skills are critical. Familiarity using popular advertising platforms is preferred.
  • Curious and Teachable: We’re a small but nimble team. The tools we use change frequently. You need to be comfortable with learning new technologies and adapting to them.
  • Team Player: We’re a small, tightly knit team and nearly every project involves everyone’s help. We’re looking for someone that is easy to work with with a great attitude.

Tools We're Using

While nothing is written in stone, here are the tools we're currently using. To succeed in this role you’ll need to be familiar with (or comfortable learning) these or be able to convince us to adopt something better: 

Social Media

Facebook / Instagram


Facebook Ad Manager
Google Ads
Pinterest Ads

Email Marketing


Data Analysis

Google Sheets / Excel
Google Analytics
Facebook Analytics

Web Content

Thrive Suite

Does this sound like you?

Does this position fit your interests and skillset? We want to work with you. We're accepting applications through Feb. 21st. 

We are no longer accepting applications for this position. Thank you for your interest.

Available Challenges & Races

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