Product Manager

Product Manager

Virtual Running Club is a pioneer in Virtual Racing. Since 2013 we have provided virtual race events with high quality swag and we’re looking for a full-time Product Manager to drive product development for the club & the newly launched Virtual Race Shop.

The Product Manager will develop new virtual event ideas every week, and will ensure that each event that is pursued, has all it needs to be successful. This includes being up to speed on major cultural events to create new event concepts, working with designers to develop working designs, setting up web sales pages, monitoring & ordering inventory, and coordinating with the fulfillment and customer service teams.

Primary Duties

The Product Manager will need to stay up-to-date with the marketing team, current events, significant historical events and will be responsible for creating event themes based on intuition, research and experience. This could include acquiring licenses from national brands that can be used in the virtual race market. 

The Product Manager will be responsible for creating event promotional art, mock-ups for the site and providing images of items to be used for ads.They will work with production contractors to see that medals and other items are manufactured and that shirts, bibs and other items are printed on time. 

The Product Manager will ensure that each of our virtual events has a clear information “sales page” on our site, quick registration flow, appropriate inventory of items and will need to monitor each event from creation until after it is closed.

The Product Manager must be able to work independently and guide multiple projects and events simultaneously. This person should find fulfillment in owning a project from start to finish as well as satisfaction from both financial success and positive impacts for customers.

Key Product Manager Attributes and Skills

  • An appreciation for personal integrity and a bias for honesty, transparency and personal accountability
  • Extremely creative, seemingly with an endless supply of ideas
  • Able to manage many different projects simultaneously
  • Empathetic, with an ability to understand the value of virtual races, as well as being plugged into the cultural zeitgeist
  • Good attention to detail
  • Self directed work ethic
  • Willing to tolerate uncertainty

Key Product Manager Skills

  • Ability and willingness to work remotely
  • Highly competent computer skills
  • Familiarity with many basic internet-based tools, including Gmail
  • Basic design skills using Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Moderate spreadsheet skills, specifically with Google Sheets

Other Info

We are a small company that is constantly evolving. All employees will have the opportunity to wear many hats as we grow. The position is remote, and employees can work wherever they have a solid internet connection. The schedule is super flexible while at other times it may be expected that the Manager will work up to 7 days per week as needed.

Available Challenges & Races

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