How to Convert Your Non-Running Activities

How to Convert Your Non-Running Activities 1

“Do I have to run?”

That’s a question we get asked a lot about our events. But even though our name is Virtual Running Club, running isn’t the only thing we’re about. When you sign up for one of our races or challenges, any activity that gets you moving can be applied to your race distance. Hiking, biking, rucking, swimming…

This is your journey toward better health, fitness, and general well-being. The choice is yours on how you’ll tackle the miles to earn your medal, especially when it comes to our cumulative distance challenges.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a yoga class, playing in a community basketball game, or walking up flights of stairs – these can all be converted to wellness miles and count as you see fit!

What is a wellness mile?

Some physical activities – such as running, walking, cycling, ellipticalling, or swimming – already use distance as a common measurement tool. But for other physical activities – such as basketball, weight-lifting, or tennis – this can be hard to calculate.

Instead of the traditional distance of 5,280 feet, a wellness mile is a physical activity’s rough equivalent to an actual mile of exercise.

The duration and intensity of your activity determines how many wellness miles you earned during your exercise.

How do I figure out my exercise intensity?

Intensity is ranked on a scale of perceived exertion, which is how hard you feel your body is working.

One of the best ways to gauge your level of intensity is by how hard you are breathing. During low intensity exercises, you can hold a conversation with someone. As intensity increases, you become less able and willing to talk.

A level of moderate intensity occurs when you can still talk, but only get a few words out. If someone asked you a question, you would probably be annoyed.

During high intensity exercise, you are breathless and cannot have a conversation.

How to measure your wellness miles?

Our Wellness Mile Conversion Chart will help you turn everyday activities and movement into wellness miles for your virtual race or distance challenge.

You’ll convert your activity using two variables:

  1. How long you spent completing your exercise
  2. The level of intensity you completed it at

Then you’ll visit the conversion chart to figure out how many wellness miles you earned.

Don’t see your activity on the chart? Pick an exercise that is similar to the one you completed, or use steps to determine your miles earned.

Click the button below to download your free Wellness Mile Conversion Chart to print at home, or click here to purchase a poster-size version of the chart to hang on your wall.


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