The #1 Secret to a Successful Fitness Routine

Ryan Jenkins


Which of the following products/services have you tried through the years in an effort to get into better shape?

Fitness ProgramsFitness EquipmentDiets
A new gym membershipTreadmillAtkins / high protein diet
BeachbodyEllipticalKeto / low carb diet
Billy BlainRowing machineLow fat diet
Jillian MichaelsDumbellsSouth Beach Diet
Shaun T.KettlebellsWeight Watchers
SpinningResistance bandsIntermittent fasting
YogaWeight machineShakes / Shakeology
iFitAb roller
NoomAb rower
LoseIt! / FatSecretShake weight
Apple Fitness+Fitbit
MyFitnessPal / DailyBurniFit
How many of these look familiar? How much money has been spent on these?

Did we miss any?

Why is it so hard to be healthy?

For thousands of years, humans have struggled to stay healthy.

Why is that?

Is it a lack of knowledge? Do we really have no idea what it takes to be healthy?

From what we can tell, there seems to be pretty solid consensus among medical and fitness professionals that being healthy comes down to two things:

  1. eat nutritious foods in moderate amounts
  2. engage in consistent physical activity

So if we know what it takes, why do we struggle?

Is it a lack of ability?

Are we physically incapable of eating well and staying active?

Judging by the existence of some of the elite athletes we’ve seen, humans are very capable of accomplishing incredible levels of fitness.

So what is it then?

The Solution

It comes down to… dopamine. In our endless quest for dopamine humans have become remarkably good at seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

Given the option between eating a donut and skipping it, we’ll take the donut because it provides short term pleasure at the expense of unhappiness in the distant future.

So how do we overcome this? Are we doomed to perpetual failure?

Absolutely not.

Here’s the huge secret. It’s very simple. Almost too simple.


👏It. 👏Has. 👏To. 👏Be. 👏Fun.

If you enjoy it, you’ll do it again. If you don’t enjoy it, you’ll eventually give up.

Exercise should give you energy.

If it’s painful, if it drains your energy, if it takes a lot of work to get started, it will NEVER last.

So… stop trying to outwit yourself. Stop trying to trick yourself. Stop telling yourself, “This time, I’ll go to the gym consistently.” Stop deluding yourself into thinking that eating 3 lbs. of steak every day will help you lose weight.

Find a way to turn fitness into play. A sport you enjoy. A competition that lights you up. A hobby that gets your heart beating.

Figure this out and you’ll never work(out) a day in your life.

Need some fun fitness ideas

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