How to Plank

What is a proper plank?

A plank is one of the more fundamental moves in fitness and weight training. In fact, it is much safer and effective than sit-ups which use to be so popular. While some can argue its effectiveness, it remains to be a staple for beginners and advanced alike.

Many ask, ‘What is the “right” way to do a plank?” In a nutshell, it’s the top position of a pushup with either your hands or elbow on the ground and your legs, core and chest tight and lined up with your spine. I’ll include some links that I found that might be useful so you can see what I’m referring to below.

woman exercising bear body of water
Woman demonstrating how to plank properly. Photo by Nathan Cowley on

If you were looking for an exercise that strengthens and tones a bunch of stuff all at once, a plank would be among the first I’d suggest. Do your best to hold that position as long as you can and then try to do a little longer each time.

Once you are able to hold that for longer than 30-45 seconds, it’s worth adding more challenges to the mix to maximize your time. Try lifting one leg off the ground or incorporating an exercise ball.

Here are some useful links that might help you dig in a little deeper:


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