Product Update: We’re Changing How Points Work

Ryan Jenkins


We’re pushing a small but important update to the Spark+Fitness Challenges app that changes how points work. The quick summary? All tasks are now worth 10x more points than before and your points earned have been increase as well!

Weekly tasks are worth 70 points instead of 7
Quarterly tasks are worth 900 points instead of 90
If you had 120 points, now you have 1200
If you had 535 before, now you’re at 5350

You worked hard. Your points should reflect that.

Are rewards easier to earn?

Earning rewards isn’t any easier or harder. The number of points needed for rewards went up by the same amount.

So what’s the point of changing this?

Motivation and momentum play a huge role in being active and getting fit.

When you’ve busted your butt all week only to earn 7 points it can be a little underwhelming. If you’ve worked all month or quarter and only earn 30 or 90 points, it can feel downright discouraging.

Points should reflect the level of effort you put in. The new point levels just feel more representative of the work you’ve done.

We hope you like the change. As always, let us know in the comments if you’ve got any questions or concerns.

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