10 Things To Help Us Get And Stay Active Right Now

Holland Newton


With all that’s going on, I’ve had to revisit how and where I’m able to stay on track with my fitness and wellness goals. Our family created a chart a few weeks ago with progressively longer hikes/runs that we have to do each week and that is working well for all of us. We put a little sticker each time we complete a distance for extra motivation.

In addition to the chart, I’ve listed 10 ideas that we’re trying. Plus, other than virtual races, they’re all free!

  1. Try Spark+ Challenges. With both short- and long-term challenges, Spark+ is a program that has variety, fun and fitness all built right in. While there is a paid version, you don’t have to be a member to see and do the challenges.
  2. Go for a run/walk. “Unless you are very sick or under a quarantine that requires you to stay indoors, running (or walking) outside is one of the few activities experts agree remains pretty safe.” Link
  3. Try meditation. I’m pretty new to this one, so I found this article helpful.
  4. Build muscle. Unless you have access to weights, you might feel a little limited. But there’s a lot of good that can be done by pushups, squats, lunges, crunches, and back extensions. If you have access to a suspension trainer (like TRX), that can give you a lot of other variety too. To start, aim for 3 sets of about 10 reps each (to failure (find a resistance where you can’t do any more with good form at about 10 reps)).
  5. Stick to a routine. In these abnormal times, a sense of normalcy goes a long way. Here’s a good article about routine.
  6. Hit up nature. Spending time in nature is very cleansing and (depending on how dense population is where you live) can easily help us keep our distance from others.
  7. Avoid social media for a bit.
  8. Avoid the news for a bit.
  9. Do something vigorous to manage stress/blow off steam. Whether it’s doing any of the above or doing something new, I find it quite useful to do something physically demanding.
  10. And of course: Try one of our virtual races. In particular I am drawn to the “Overcome” race. It’s honoring the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13. When I get discouraged, I think about how dire it must have felt for the crew & those back on Earth – but they figured it out and pulled together. I think we can do a similar thing now.

Certainly these aren’t the only ways to get/stay on track right now, but hopefully there are some good reminders to help you each day. Lastly, I live at about 6000’, so Spring is just barely springing. When I look at the daffodils that we planted last fall just starting to poke up, I am reminded that good things are just around the corner and whatever we can do to get/stay on track right now will help us push through whatever challenges that lie ahead.

Good luck!

Holland Newton
Virtual Running Club/Spark+ COO

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