About Us

Born from the spirit of traditional races, Virtual Running Club is the finest virtual experience provider in America. VRC gives participants the incentive, motivation and accountability to make meaningful positive actions through tangible rewards via online events.

We use technology to help people disconnect from that same technology. Our purpose is to help you spend time with loved-ones, both near and far, while working toward a common goal of accomplishment.

We do this with virtual races and other events that come with a physical reward once the challenge has been completed through an honor-based, self-report system. Usually, the reward is a medal, coin or medallion designed with upmost care to commemorate the achievement. Additionally, participants find support from the VRC community.

Because we believe that awards should only be given to those that finish, participants are accountable to VRC and other registrants. Even more important however, participants are accountable to themselves to complete their challenge. They can do their race/challenge at their pace anywhere in the world, but it must be completed before we'll send the award.

Give us a try! Be a part of the global VRC community whether you are racing by yourself or meeting up with other runners in your community to participate in these events. Link to Races

The Team

Salem Stanley

President & Founder

Salem is the President and Founder of Vacation Races & Virtual Running Club. He loves the personal growth that comes from athletics and physical challenges. He also is in love with National Parks.

He received a BA in Business from Southern Virginia University where he was an All-American track athlete. He also has an MBA from BYU.

Holland Newton

Chief Operating Officer

Once a 'running for fun' hater, Holland fell in love with the sport when he used it to help him lose more than 80 pounds (he even wrote a book about it: The Fat Trainer).

With a background in personal training and some degrees in advertising and marketing from Mizzou, Virtual Running Club is the perfect fit for Holland. While long runs on the beach are always fun, Holland prefers the mountain trails in Utah.

Have business development, partnership, operations questions? Email Holland

For help with a race, registration, swag, etc. Please email support for a quicker reply: support@virtualrunningclub.com

Ryan Jenkins

Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan claims to be a “product in infinite beta”; never perfect, always improving.

He loves hamburgers and peanut butter (not together) and he should run more. He also really enjoys writing bios in the 3rd person.

Have marketing related questions? Email Ryan

For help with a race, registration, swag, etc. Please email support for a quicker reply: support@virtualrunningclub.com

Lora Stewart

Fulfilment Ninja

All this swag needs someone that knows how to keep it straight and Lora is that person.

Whether biking or hiking, when Lora isn't keeping track of your package, you can find her out enjoying all that Southern Utah has to offer.

What Is A Virtual Race?

Virtual races are just like traditional races with a shirt, medal, bib, community and fun, but you can run, walk or hike your race wherever you want with whoever you want. Even on a treadmill! Racers report their time and then we send a medal to them for completing the race. What have you got to lose? Try us out ? Register now!

A full registration comes with a quality race shirt, bib, medal and the chance to win prizes. Plus, you can opt out of the medal or shirt or bib and pay a little less. In addition, be sure to join the supportive and fun social community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

Why should you race with us?

We are a race company that believes that, just like our in-person races, a medal should be earned by finishing the race. You prove that you finished by submitting your race time to your account. We'll send your finisher's medal after you report your time.

For any customer support, race questions or other issue, please visit the Help Center.